Lake District Period Property Inspections

Do you have worries and need practical help with

The Property you are Thinking of Buying?

The Property you are wanting to sell?

Are the repairs proposed by your Builder or Bank for Mortgage

  • Appropriate?
  • Necessary?
  • Economically Correct?
  • Or, are they just for the Convenience of your Builder and his Bank Balance ?

I can assist in ensuring you are not spending good money after bad, in a spiral of increasing costs that do still not achieve the result you need and your property, your invested cash and time deserve.

I  am particularly passionate about maintenance and correct enhancement of period and conservation properties utilising my experience, and all the modern technology I can muster such as Thermal Imaging , Drones for hard to reach high areas, along with the more traditional Damp and Relative Humidity Meters to get to the answers you need to know how to proceed.

This service can and will  be tailored fully to address the individual property and your needs.