Call The Butler is based in Cumbria providing a range of Cumbria Property Care services.  We offer property care, property management, project management, property maintenance, Golden Key property monitoring and inspection services and Lake District property surveys through the North West, Cumbria, Lancashire and the Borders.

Cumbria Property Care

Call The Butler offers property care services for properties based in Cumbria, Lancashire and the Scottish Borders.

Cumbria Property Management

We have all the in-house skills to manage your Estate for you – thus allowing you more time to manage your business

Cumbria Property Maintenance

We have all the in-house skills to manage your Estate for you – from arranging routine repairs, to managing quotes, contractors and overseeing the works when you can’t.

Cumbria Thermal Imaging

The Conservation Surveyor now has a new tool to add to their armoury to help with the non invasive diagnosis of building defects.   For those seeking Thermal Imaging in Cumbria, we are here to help.

Golden Key property monitoring and inspection services

I offer a bespoke property care-taking inspection service to Clients where I will inspect on a fortnightly basis ( a requirement of most Insurers if properties are to be vacant under their policy terms and conditions).

Cumbria Property Surveys

After a 45+ years career working as an Independent Chartered Surveyor in my home area of The English Lakes and NW England with forays Internationally to Australia and Canada to work in Commercial Property Asset Management, I have now decided to establish Call the Butler Ltd to offer an all encompassing personal  Property Consultancy.

My aim is to provide a bespoke personal service on all aspects of period properties for present and future owners, and assist them to enjoy, maintain and enhance their homes to meet their needs as fully as possible.

Call now on 07803 198019

Cumbria Property Inspections

My depth of experience  gained over 45+ years of inspecting and valuing all classes of property gives me an un paralleled ability to assist my Clients with solving  their property issues and requirements by the most appropriate and economic methods while maintain the integrity of their property.

This is most important with our period properties many of which have over their life been in appropriately repaired by well meaning owners /contractors.

I can assist in creating repair, upgrade, maintenance plans for all sizes of property, and am particularly passionate about maintenance and correct enhancement of period and conservation properties utilising my experience, and modern technology such as my Thermal Imaging Camera, Drones for hard to reach high areas, along with the more traditional Damp and Relative Humidity Meters.

This service can be tailored fully to my Client’s needs, determined after discussion for example in a Pre Property Purchase scenario where there is a requirement to know faults as existing, with the property, but also taking account of the needs for alteration/upgrade works to ensure the property fulfils all the future requirements of the Client.

Within my reports I make my best efforts to provide indicative costs as far as this is possible, for the works highlighted and in the pre purchase scenario this allows the Client to proceed fully “armed” with required information to ensure they make the most appropriate purchase at the appropriate level within their budget.

Clients who already own their properties can utilise Call the Butler to provide advice on fault and  defect diagnosis and appropriate maintenance methods taking account of all aspects of the property, its construction, location etc to arrive at a sustainable solution via a holistic forensic approach.

Cumbria Property Inspections, shows trees and house in background

Pre Property Sale Advice

Call the Butler would also be pleased to provide an informed  opinion on the existing condition of the property if the client is considering offering the property for sale.   We will highlighting repairs which could be picked out in the normal pre-purchase cash / mortgage  survey and market valuation. Allowing you to commence the sale armed with all information available and prevent spurious attempts from purchasers to obtain inappropriate discount on their offer price as the sale reaches its critical period and placing you under pressure to exchange etc.

cumbria property inspection showing priest hole of a period property

Conservation and Period Property Repair

My passion and enthusiasm over the years of my career is to ensure the correct conservation, care and maintenance of our historic period properties utilising correct traditional  repair methods and materials.  This requires a caring approach and appropriate scheduling, I can advise on all aspects as necessary.

I have in my career built a network of appropriately qualified and like minded traditional consultants and contractors as required with whom I have worked on projects successfully and will facilitate works with them acting as Clients Representative monitoring their performance, if required for an hourly fee with pre agreed limits.

Golden Key Property Monitoring and Checking Service

Through Call  the Butler I am also offering a property caretaking inspection service  Golden Key to Clients where I will inspect on a fortnightly basis ( a requirement of most Insurers if properties are to be vacant under their policy terms and conditions) checking security, heating, logging condition and if required acting for the Client as their local contact arranging repairs as necessary and if necessary preparing the property for family visitors, if the Client can not carry this out themselves for whatever reason.

This would be charged on a monthly fee basis paid by standing order to be agreed, and can ensure the Clients Insurance Broker can obtain the best possible Policy Premium and Excess Terms.

Furniture and Furnishings

Call the Butler can also advise on furnishing your period property sourcing appropriate furniture and advising with appropriate consultants and contractors on interior design decoration and finish.

My 45+ years have also involved selling by Auction Antique Furniture Furnishings and Effects.

So whatever the Property related problem inside or out Call the Butler would welcome your contact as to how I may be able to help you.